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Hi.I'm Lily, I love fashion, movies, music and mostly children(But I'm not ready for that yet). I have a bussiness degree and for few years I worked with International MKT and Sales Management, after that I was an au pair and nanny for the last years. And now I'm searching for a big challenge in the fashion industry and hopefully I will get what I want and be able to write here what happens when we reach our goals....I want to help and inspire girls like me.... Still don't know how far I can go, but I know my weekeness and I know how to keep going when we don't have the smallest hope on us...Just follow my blog and you will know more about me... xoxo

Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome to my new blog, my new world !!!

Hi dear readers...

I'm Lily Chekalin, and this is my new blog, here I will share my days, emotions, adventures and mostly, my new project Cutiful. Cutiful is not just a cute word but it will be a lifestyle, and a huge change in my life, I have a goal and I want to help and make difference in the lives of  a lot of people. Cutiful will bring the most cute and beautiful side of each one that accept life as an amazing journey and accept the beauty inside of ourselves, because what we see outside is just a reflect from what is inside of us.

Cutiful is classic, feminine, full of romance and innocence.

I know today is April 1st, Fool's day but it is the day that I'm starting a new life, its a day where all starts again, I'm giving myself a chance for Happiness and Challenging myself for a brighter future, I turned 29 last week and a lot of decisions were made, I'm still scared that I'm getting older so fast, I still have so many goals and few dreams too reach, and I can't complain of my life at all.I was raised in Brazil, my parents are simple people but they gave the best they could, their love is unconditional, I'm blessed for having them, I have so many friends, from everywhere in every part of the world, it's amazing, besides all I have my wonderful and supportive husband, he is my true love and the one that makes difference on my days.

I can't forget to tell how the name Cutiful came to my life, about 2 months I had my first wedding anniversary and my hubby and I took a vacation to Disney World to celebrate, it was the vacation of my dreams(it was a blast, the best trip ever), and my hubby always calls me cute names on regular basis and one moment he looked to me and told me that I was a mixture of cute and beautiful and he put the two words together and called me CUTIFUL.And since that we are trying to find a use for the word he create for me, we put together my passions: Fashion, shopping, beauty and here is my new adventure in this journey called LIFE

PS: Pictures from my Bday, Andrey got me 200 roses, and a diamond engagement ring with the wedding band, cause last year we got married really fast, it wasn't the traditional marriage proposal, so this time he put himself on his knees and asked to marry him like in the movies, it was so romantic, a moment that  will keep forever in my mind.

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